TIM Comedy School News

eG7aaQRxgruWpBXQoiwAocxb1XlMD3FpE0wKAlNrWvs,Noi2E5ifD9LHNj2E8KGYwvCtYASYWdJQvKmF7MFPJOoThe Tucson Improv Movement is constantly working to become the primer improv comedy training school in Tucson!  Our goal of becoming a long form harold performing comedy school is well within our sights!


Join us in one of our upcoming classes:

IMPROV 201 starting May 8th

IMPROV 101 our next class section will be posted soon and start the 3rd week of May

The ultimate goal of the Tucson Improv Movement is to make Tucson a better place by teaching community members the improv philosophy of “yes and!”  Recently a group of TIM’s friends got together and donated funds to start the TIM Comedy School Scholarship Fund.  If you are interested in applying for a tuition scholarship please contact us HERE.  If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund please email us at tucsonimprovmovement@gmail.com!