Our next set of auditions are going to be in April/May.  Check back soon for more details!

TIM will run three auditions per year:

  • April
  • August
  • December

Upcoming Projects:

  • TIM will be auditioning for Company Members, and members will be assigned to several House teams.

Qualifying for TIM Company Membership:

  • Our auditions are open to everyone who has completed Improv 201.  People must be through 401 to be placed on a harold team.
  • Although placement on teams will be subject to performer quality, becoming a part of the company is 
subject more to a player’s ability to support the theater’s mission and values.
  • Destructive members may be asked to step away from the theater for any amount of time.

Company Member Responsibilities:

  • Staff the theater twice monthly during TIM shows and special events.
  • Purchase a TIM t-shirt to wear during shifts and shows.
  • Purchase uniforms if needed for specific performing teams.
  • Represent TIM on and off the stage to the greater Tucson community, and market shows and classes to potential audience members and improvisers.

Company Benefits:

  • Rehearsal time and coaching from TIM trained coaches on TIM House teams, and special teams.
  • Performance time on the TIM stage as schedule and ability permits.
  • The ability to propose show ideas to the TIM Executive Director for coaching, rehearsal, and performance time.
  • Free admission to all TIM shows when seats are available.
  • Access to a 10% off promo code for regular priced show tickets purchased by family and friends through our online purchasing system.
  • Access to discounts on special events and workshops provided outside of the TIM curriculum.
  • Ability to repeat classes in the TIM comedy curriculum for free when spaces are available.

Performing Team Responsibilities:

  • Be on time and present during all scheduled rehearsal times.
  • Teams will rehearse weekly for between 1 ½ – 2 hours.
  • If you are absent for 2 or more rehearsals per month, you will not be allowed to perform during that next month.  Attendance will be taken at all rehearsals.