Say What

In the Press:

The Art of Improv: Tucson Weekly City Pick of the Week on July 11th, 2013.

Laughter Battle: Tucson Weekly Comedy Pick of the Week on December 19th, 2013.

Quotes from Students in Tucson:

Thanks Justin for your great gift to us all, clear pointers to how we may confidently, enthusiastically, innovatively and cooperatively improvise the rest of our lives.

-Harvey Gardner

Quotes from Former Students:

“Justin was a great teacher. Not only did he introduce us to the foundations of Improv, the class was pee your pants funny. I had a blast and it opened up the idea that you can create anything you want with your imagination.”

-Jess Bowers

“Justin’s Improv 101 class was a life-changing experience. Before, speaking in front of people was a completely nerve-wracking experience. In improv class, Justin taught us how to be in the moment and focus on forwarding new ideas–all in front of bright lights and a live audience.  I wouldn’t have thought I could become so much more comfortable on stage with only 6 classes.  His class was so much fun, I signed up for Improv 201.”

-Jennifer King

“As a teacher Justin is great at making anyone feel comfortable and welcomed. He is respectful of his students and makes a point to truly pay attention when answering questions and engaging the class. His lessons are easy to follow, high energy and so much fun that you often don’t realize how much you’ve learned until you leave. Of my improv teachers I connected with Justin’s teaching style the most and it was a great way to begin my journey into the world of improv-he’s an exceptional tour guide!”

-Maggie Saunders

At the Dirty South Improv Comedy Theater our catch-word is “Awesome!” and the most awesome improv teacher I’ve had there was Justin Lukasewicz.  Right from the start Justin gets everyone comfortable and following the fun.   Lukasewicz is a great teacher!

-Alan Goldstein: Cast Member, DSI Comedy Theater & FatMouth Improv!