Why Improv?

This video perfectly describes our philosophy and what we are trying to create in Tucson!  This is why we do improv!

For the Business World

Being Funny Can Get You A Raise Fast Company: Article with proof being funny can help you earn more money, and how improv skills help people succeed in business.

Intensive on-your-toes comedy training can be a boon to business The News and Observer:  Improv article highlighting the DSI Comedy curriculum which we use at TIM and highlights the positives improv training provides to the world of business or work.

How to Grow Your Business by Letting Go Entrepreneur.com: Article on how to say yes and let go of total control to grow your business.  Great example on what happen to the record industry when they famously said no.

3 Ways Improv Training Can Improve Customer Service Fast Company:  Loosen your company’s script and train your employees to improvise.

The Second City Way of Brainstorming Fast Company: The famed Second City of Chicago explains how to take the skills of improv into the business world to increase idea generation.

A Master of Improv, Writing Twitter’s Script New York Times: How Dick Costolo a former Chicago improviser and now CEO of Twitter uses improv skills to manage his employees and Twitter’s success.

Try Improv at Work  Blog Post by Zach Ward: Some information on the benefits of using improv skills to be more successful at work.

For Education

How Improv Can Improve Your Teaching Huffington Post: How Improv can help teachers. “It’s about responding to the right now. The anxiety of ‘what next’ is removed if we are invested in living in the present.”

For the Arts and Creativity

The Funny State Slate: Article on the North Carolina tradition of comedy.  Through the creation of sincere and authentic characters, comedy is created.  This is the philosophy used at TIM.

The Power of Improvisation: Students of the Arts Huffington Post: An article on how Shakespeare used improv to polish his plays, and the unique skill sets developed during improv training which allows artists to be more successful!

Theater Talkback: Finding Inspiration in Improvisation New York Times: An article on how David Yazbek is inspired by the popular New York Imporv Show TJ & Dave. Great reflection on being in the moment to produce art. “I’m a complete version of myself, open to an infinite source of creativity, and I’m happy.”

For Diversity and Social Change

Best-Kept Secret to Creating Social Change: Improv Good.com:  This article discusses all of the positives and personal growth that comes from taking an improv class!